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  1. Interested on sending my eldest to your school next school year, can i ask for the fees, requirements needed, or an estimate of those? Thanks

  2. Good afternoon. I’m planning to transfer my son soon. Does waldorf accept scholarships? He is an achiever in his current school and would like to know if you give full scholarship, half and so on. Also, can you please email me the tuition fee for grade 4 please? I would appreciate your response on the matter. Thank you.

  3. Could you please send email information on your school.

    Do you do boarding for international students? do you teach to grade 12?
    What are the Fees?

  4. Hi. Im interested in visiting Acacia waldorf for my 4 y.o daughter. Is there an open house that I can go to? Please send me admission procedures and the school calendar for 2017 to 2018. Thank you

  5. Hello, I would like to know the tuition fees for Grade one, my son will be 6yo this June. Also until what grade level your school offers? Do you have highschool? Thanks

  6. Hi,

    I’m interested to know more about the school. My child is turning 3 on June & i would like to know details if he can enroll to your program.

    If you can send me details like fees & others so I can assess it.

    Thank you!

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